David Cassidy Arrested, Shaun Cassidy on Oprah’s Teen Heartthrobs

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The news is hitting today that David Cassidy has been arrested for DUI in Florida. Of course this is hitting the same day as his half brother Shaun Cassidy appeared on Oprah as part of her Teen Heartthrob show. Older brother David could have just as easily made the same show, but seems to have had other plans.

David Cassidy at the ABC TCA\'s held at the Huntington Hotel, Pasadena (Photo by Henry Gondore/Henry Gondore)

The news is now hitting that David, most known for being the eldest sibling on The Partridge Family, was arrested in Florida for suspicion of driving under the influence. He isn’t the first celebrity to be hit with a DUI, and he won’t be the last, but it’s just ironic timing. This is also coming on the heels of the announcement that he’s part of the next Celebrity Apprentice cast. Khloe Kardashian was fired by Donald Trump a few seasons ago because he learned of her DUI, and Dennis Rodman was shipped off with a wish that he attend rehab, in which he later showed up on Celebrity Rehab. If Cassidy hasn’t been fired yet, will he be?

According to Fox News, David was stopped on Wednesday night after weaving in his Mercedes and nearly causing an accident. He told police he had a glass of wine at lunch, then took a painkiller. Yet the breathalyzer said something a little different, with readings of 0.139 and 0.141, and the half-empty bottle of bourbon found in the search of the car helped put a different spin on it as well. His spokeswoman has said he took a pain pill and was tired from attending a funeral.

This news hits just after the Teen Heartthrob Episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show began hitting airwaves today. Oprah had on her own personal teen heartthrob, Jackie Jackson, as well as the Backstreet Boys, Peter Frampton, and David’s half brother, Shaun Cassidy, on as guests. The two Cassidys have a father, Jack Cassidy in common, a father, it should be noted, who was known for his alcoholism.

Shaun grew up seeing the effects of fame on his parents (his mother is David’s TV mom, Shirley Jones), and seeing what the life of a teen heartthrob was like from his brother. Nevertheless, he embarked on this life when he was in his late teens, obviously well aware of what he was getting into. He recorded six albums, and much later a Greatest Hits album was compiled. He starred in The Hardy Boys with Parker Stevenson, where his two talents collided, with him singing some of his famous hits on the show.

Despite the fact that he doesn’t do interviews and hasn’t seemed to connect back to that life very often, having been happy being a television producer and writer since 1991, he told Oprah he was happy to do it for her and to thank her in her farewell season for twenty-five years. He was oozing with sincerity. As he pointed out, he had no record, book, TV show, or sex tape to promote.

Shaun also made an interesting comment in describing his years a teen idol and appearing on every cover of Tiger Beat for two full years. “I had my experience and you all had your experience, and it’s a very different experience.” This is so true. For many women, they will never forget that first teen idol crush they had. It was very special to them, yet for the idols, it was just as special, but for very different reasons. That was evidenced by the screaming fans in the audience, all adults, who as Oprah pointed out were suddenly turned into 13-year-olds again, just at the sight of Shaun, and the other heartthrobs that appeared.

There has to be something about the experience that makes it difficult, because of the number of teen idols that fall into a life of DUIs, etc. Shaun sang a medley of hits on today’s show, admitting it was probably the first time in about thirty years he’s done so. Yet, Peter Frampton, also a guest, said he’s still performing and doesn’t plan to ever quit. Perhaps Shaun got to a certain age and saw things in his brother’s experience that made him turn away from it.

Either way, turning his back on it seems to have worked out well for Shaun Cassidy. He seems to have his feet firmly planted on where he is currently as a father and husband, with his life as a producer secondary to that. Maybe that’s the point of it, realizing early on that his experience was different than those million that were idolizing him, and that he had to expect it and move on, rather than try to live out that moment the rest of his life.

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