David Cassidy of “Partridge Family” Fame Arrested

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Who doesn’t remember David Cassidy? If you were a girl in the early 1970’s, you undoubtedly had a crush on him. David Cassidy is probably hoping he has some former crushes in the police force, because he was arrested Wednesday night for DUI.

According to FOXNews, 70’s teen heartthrob David Cassidy was arrested in Florida late Wednesday after being stopped for weaving in and out of traffic and almost causing a serious accident. A breathalyzer showed blood alcohol readings of 0.139 and 0.141, which are significantly higher than the legal limit of .08.

It seems that David Cassidy tried to come up with every excuse under the sun, from “I had wine at lunch,” to “I just came from a funeral,” but the half-empty bottle of bourbon inside his car sort of gave away the real story.

Apparently no one felt it prudent to announce the arrest on David Cassidy’s web site, because no such news is posted there. Jo-Ann Geffen is Cassidy’s spokeswoman, and she says “he took a pain pill and was tired from attending a funeral,” but that he wasn’t drunk.

Ummm…the last anyone checked, a pain pill and a funeral don’t make a person blow a .139 or a .141!

So now David Cassidy has joined the ranks of “Partridge Family” alum Danny Bonaduce, who has had more than his share of run ins with the law. When you remember the adorable kid singing, “I Think I Love You,” did you ever imagine he’d be singing it to a bottle of booze?


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