David Cook Makes Appearance On Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

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I’m not real sure why Extreme Makeover: Home Edition started including celebrities on the show, but it has to have helped their ratings. I suppose you can only watch Ty Pennington help so many families in need. Rebuilding different houses every week is interesting, but for some reason once you add in a family in need in that house and explore all their troubles every week, it seems to get a little rote.

This is why the show needed to start bringing in celebrities. What’s most impressive, though, is the celebrities they have chosen to bring in. They’re not getting one big name and a bunch of B, C, and D celebs, they’re getting big names every week. So far this season, Extreme Makeover has brought in The Muppets, Mary J. Blige, Selena Gomez, Patrick Dempsey, David Duchovny, Kellie Pickler, Clint Black, Ashley Tisdale, Patricia Heaton, and Five For Fighting. That’s an impressive list.

Now this week, they brought in David Cook to make an appearance on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. An American Idol winner! We knew this guy would be willing to help out a family, too. His own family stepped it up when he was competing in the final weeks of American Idol. His brother was dying of cancer and needed an expensive medical flight out to see David at the finale. The family and their friends sold Live Strong bracelets to raise money for this, but sadly by the time the finale rolled around, although David made it that far, his brother was too sick to travel, even in a special medically equipped flight, and he passed away last year.

Regardless, all of that plays into the type of person David is. He spoke on Extreme Makeover of watching someone you care about suffer, after watching his brother slowly die from cancer. He stepped it up this week to chip in to help the family of this girl who credits him as one of her favorite singers. The young girl has a rare blood disease and her family’s home was infested with mold, so the job was to rebuild the house and eliminate the mold. David not only chipped in with the actual rebuilding of the house, he also came up with a plan to sell pillows combined with special live strong bracelets to raise more money. And of course, he also chipped in a guitar signed by him to raise money as well.

All those celebrities mentioned before certainly did a lot to bring up ABC’s ratings for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, but I’m guessing the star power behind David Cook did a lot. ABC tapped into something great here that is going to do them well. They tapped into not only big name celebrities that people wanted to see, but also celebrities that want to help out, not just promote their latest project. If the show was on the bubble this season, I think they have certainly saved it.

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