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I just picked up a copy of The Ruby Knight, the second book in the Elenium series. I had forgotten how good a writer the man is and how compelling his characters. I have just completed two books in the Harry Dresden series, and decided not to continue. I found the writing to choppy and without flow though the story lines are interesting. Rather like the Laurel Hamilton vampire books. She started out great and has so deteriorated with time that I dropped that series as well.

I loved the early Eddings books. I got to meet the man several times before his books took off and he became famous. He was the Assistant Manager at our local grocery store in Spokane. I remember the first time I met him. It was unusual for grocery stores to carry books in those days, yet there was a very prominent display of his first trilogy there. I picked up all three (books were a whole lot cheaper back then). When I got to the checkout stand the clerk asked me to please check out at a different register. He pointed to a tall, thin man with reddish hair at another checkstand and whispered that he was the books authors and I was the first person to buy them that he knew about. He wanted to give Mr. Eddings the pleasure of seeing someone buy his books. That was cool with me. I spoke to him several times over the ensuing weeks before he left. He was a nice man who willing shared ideas with an author wannabe.  

I wasn't feeling particularly well last night, so I grabbed for a familiar name on my bookshelf. It all came back so quickly and I found myself walking the dark damp streets of a city with Sir Sparhawk, and embarking on another of his missions to save his queen. Eddings writes so well that he manages to draw you in yet still provide tons of essential background information at the same time. It will be a pleasure to read this book and the final one that sits now on my bookshelf. I love it when a plan comes together. 

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