David Frost Vs. Richard Nixon

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If you ever get the chance to go to New York, you MUST see this play FROST NIXON. It is about the interviews British talk-show host David Frost had with ex-President Richard Nixon. It was the first time Nixon actually apologised to the American people and admitted that he was breaking the law with Watergate.

The play had a very successful run at the Donmar in London and then a successful run on the West End before making its way to Broadway's Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre. It stars Frank Langella as 'Nixon' and Michael Sheen as the playboy 'Frost'. Langella is captivating and enigmatic as Nixon, I felt a sympathy for him I found unexpected. Sheen (who played Tony Blair in the film THE QUEEN – a performance that was unjustly overlooked by the award givers of America), gives us a Frost that is so complex and compelling, I simply cannot give enough praise to this young British actor. It is no surprise that he will be playing Frost in the yet to be made film adaption of the play to be directed by Ron Howard.
With a phenomenal supporting cast, especially Stephen Kunken as 'Jim Reston', this production is flawless. I implore you all to see it.
Not being from this country, Nixon is a bit of a mystery to me. This interaction between him and Frost fascinates me. Do you remember this interview, or is it something that slipped through the censors of American broadcasters? '
What are your recollections of Nixon, Watergate and that era of US politics? How does that dark age of US history compare to the dark age we find ourselves in now?

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