David Hasselhoff and Girlfriend Hayley Roberts Revisit Hoff’s Baywatch Days

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If fans thought that David Hasselhoff couldn’t get any cheesier, think again! The Hoff has posed for a photo shoot with his current girlfriend Hayley Roberts. No big deal, right? Right, until fans see that he is stuck in his Baywatch past.

Is Kristen Stewart 'Vogue' Photoshop too Much?David Hasselhoff took time for an interview and photo shoot with Hello! Magazine, where he posed in his signature red shorts and jacket. It is almost as if he stepped back onto the Baywatch set, sans Pamela Anderson. Haley does a better job of pulling off her ‘costume,’ as she shows off her legs in the signature Baywatch one-piece swimsuit.

Aside from the fact that the 58-year-old Hasselhoff is dating a 31-year-old blonde (yes, she could easily be his daughter), the big question is why is he stuck in his Baywatch past?

David Hasselhoff has had a long, if not odd career. He has seemingly done everything from acting to reality TV to being a German pop star. If he wanted to relive his past, why not don a Knight Rider costume. That could have been cooler, right?

Then again, it would not give the Hoff a chance to show off Hayley with as much skin. It is as if Hasselhoff is saying “Look at me, and my hot, YOUNG, blonde girlfriend! Jealous?”

Nope, David… your fans aren’t jealous. More probably think you are just a creepy old dude.

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