David Hasselhoff No Longer Judge for ‘Britian’s Got Talent’

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Who would have thought that David Hasselhoff would be considered too boring for television? Well, apparently the viewers of England’s “Britain’s Got Talent” thinks that he is.

Since Hasselhoff became a judge for their talent show there has been a huge decline in viewers. But is it just David’s fault? What about the other judges? The powers that be say that comedian Michael McIntyre, veteran Amanda Holden, and Hasselhoff “lacks sparkle.” Not knowing much about McIntyre or Holden but when David was on “America’s Got Talent” he did tend to talk too much without saying much of anything and went on long enough for viewers to take a small nap.

“Good Day New York” reports that David Hasselhoff was signed by ITV channel to replace Simon Cowell. A source said, “David was a great booking at the time. We thought he’d bring loads of laughs and warmth but it didn’t work out. He was fun but had no connection with the acts.”

The show was watched by 11.6 million viewers when it returned in April, down from 12.17 million viewers from the previous year.

What’s on the horizon now for David Hasselhoff? Maybe he can begin a new “Baywatch” series but in England. He was fairly interesting as a life guard.

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