David Letterman Tells Brian Williams: Stop Going on Leno Show (Video)

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Late night talk show host David Letterman has suggested to news anchor Brian Williams that he needs to stop going on the “God—-” Leno show. This came during a recent appearance by the NBC anchor on Letterman’s show.


According to TV Squad, Letterman informed Williams that he had been named by retiring anchor, Tom Brokaw, to look after Williams.  Apparently, part of that job is to protect Williams from the evil Jay Leno.  Letterman remarked to the NBC news anchor:

“In the meantime I see you showing up on the g******** Leno show.  I’ve seen it! Last week? Funny boy Jon Stewart!”

Brian Williams reminded David Letterman that he’s from NBC, which is where Leno also works.  Letterman played it up though saying “Go ahead, stab me!  Come on, right in the heart.”  Dave proceeded to plead with Williams to “stop doing these shows.”

Was this all some playful banter, or more of the late night war?  Was Letterman playing around or making some serious jabs at the competition?

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