David, Victoria Beckham Heading Back to England to Live

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David and Victoria Beckham are leaving America. After the British couple moved to The States in 2007, they were welcomed with open arms. Now, they are leaving to go back to England as Becks’ contract with the LA Galaxy soccer team has ended. Many are sad to see the family of six leave, but they have a lot of family and friends to return home to—that makes their move a little bit easier.

“While his nFile:David y Victoria Beckham.jpgext professional step has not been decided, the family now plans to make the U.K. their primary home again. Unconfirmed British reports indicate that the Beckhams have already enrolled sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz in a London school,” Gossip Cop reports. Of course their youngest daughter, Harper Seven, isn’t quite old enough to attend school just yet.

David and Victoria Beckham seemed to fit right in when they moved to Los Angeles. They took on the city and they certainly made a lot of friends and gained a lot of fans. Are you sad to see them go?

Photo: Vtornet / Wikimedia Commons (The Beckhams in 2007)

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