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Early, I woke before the dawn

and lay there, naked, wishing

you were here with me

draped in cool white sheet

fallen away as you

tossed and turned in the night

alluring in your slumber -

unaware you tempted as you slept -

I’d let my hand follow

the contours of your lovely frame,

were you here -

to wake you in that way you love -

cause a sleepy smile upon your face -

a heated rush to flush your skin

in the cool quiet of the room

make these the sweetest

moments of our day

awaiting patiently

your yawning feline stretch

then, the sultry dawning of your gaze


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The easy description is:Six foot four20-21 stone *280 lbs+*Silver blond hairWhite goateebald on top, full on the sidesI’m large... fast on my feetand built like a brick shithousebut, with a heart as soft as warmc

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