Dawn’s First Touch

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Dawn’s First Touch

oh, how I wish ’twas always you

to wake me from my sleep

how gently, lips caress, like dawn

through slatted windows weeps

painting us argentum sheen

of sweet love unalloyed

your flesh against mine lush and warm

with each touch overjoyed

so soft would be your gentle gaze

how bright our passion burn

how sweetly we our needs assuage

with endless hunger yearn

lovingly our lips would bless

love’s beauty through and through

in earnest is your gentle stroke

so wondrous, deep in you

inquisitive, these tongues of ours

lave every luscious pore

and when I’d drunk up every drop

you lust yet ever more

how wonderfully our bodies move

in synchronicity

giving, taking all we wish

‘til bursting rapturously

and as we shower fresh and clean

with surety, this we’d know

our day would never end as sweet

as morning’s lustrous glow

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