Dayna Kempson Schacht Video Goes Viral: (Video) Death of Crash Victim Photos Sent to Parents – Taken by Fireman

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A video of Dayna Kempson Schacht’s death in a car accident has gone viral. The video shows images of Dayna Kempson Schacht moments after she died and was even sent to her parents.

LG KP500 Cookie Unlocked Phone with 3.2 MP Camera and Digital Media Player--International Version with Warranty (Black)Dayna Kempson Schacht was 23 when she lost control of her car on a Georgia freeway and crashed into trees. Dayna died at the scene of the accident. Her body was left horrifically bloody and disfigured.

One of the first responders, a fireman, took photos of Schacht’s body just moments after she died. The fireman can be heard in the video saying, “Hold that down for me. That’s really bad. Oh my God,” and “Look at that piece of skull right there on the console.”

The video was then shared with other firemen before going viral and being passed throughout the town. A few months later, Dayna Kempson Schacht’s parents, Jeff and Lucretia Kempson, received a text letting them know that the video and images were being passed around. The text also showed images of the 30-second video.

Speaking about the accident that took Dayna Kempson Schacht’s life, Jeff Kempson said, “It was bad enough that we lost our daughter. And now to have to deal with something like this, it’s just beyond words… We want to do whatever it takes to make sure this never happens again.”

Lucretia Kempson said, “When I close my eyes, it’s not fair that that video is what I see of my daughter… She was disrespected by people that we trust to take care of us.”

The county states that no rules have been broken when the firefighter took and shared the video of Dayna Kempson Schacht’s death. It is truly disturbing and disgusting that such footage would go viral. The fireman may not have intended to further hurt Dayna Kempson Schacht’s family by sharing the video with others but that is exactly what happened. Unfortunate those sick images will never be erased from the minds of Schacht’s parents. Dayna was a mother of two at the time of her death.

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