Days After Facing the Judge, Lindsay Lohan Stumbles Out of a Bar

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It seems that no matter what kind of trouble Lindsay Lohan is in, the tabloids always find her coming out of a bar. Considering Lohan’s legal troubles, one would think she would want to keep her nose clean and lay low.

However, according to Radar Online, just days after a judge scolded her for disregarding the conditions of her probation, Lohan’s behavior turned into an embarrassing mess. While at a bar, Lindsay started her evening off with plain cranberry juice, but while surrounded by friends who were drinking alcohol, Lohan seems to have succumbed to temptation and ordered herself martinis, but claimed she was ordering the drinks for a friend. A source told Radar Online that Lohan would drink a friend’s liquor, “but she was really careful to only order juice from the staff.” Lindsay eventually stumbled out of the bar with help of the manager.

Lohan has been in courtrooms seemingly more than she has had work. Either she doesn’t care about sobriety and kick starting her career, or she naïvely thinks she can stay sober while partying at nightclubs. Some people say that an addict has to hit rock bottom before he or she will seek help. If a stay in jail–and the prospect of even more jail time–doesn’t scare Lohan into sobriety, who knows what will happen to the actress.

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