‘Days of our Lives': Did Will Pump the Bullet that Shot Stefano DiMera?

NBC has released their video preview for the episodes of Days of our Lives scheduled to air next week. It is definitely worth a peek. Not only will viewers catch a glimpse of the seemingly dead Stefano DiMera laid out in his casket, they will also witness Will Horton placed under arrest for his murder. Seriously Will?

There is no doubt the Salem PD has quite the murder mystery on their hands. The faces of eight persons of interest are already plastered all over their suspects board, but something about this quick arrest seems flawed. This is a soap kids, and no soaps cop in the history of the genre has ever solved a murder so complicated this fast.

For the SPD, it’s not so complicated at the moment. They have a weapon, they have a body and Will was the only suspect that tested positive for gun powder residue when his hands were tested. In their law enforcement brains, it seems like a closed case, but is it? Take a look at the video preview for next week’s episodes of this show and see what you think.

Something just doesn’t add up here. There are more than a few viewers who believe Stefano isn’t even dead. There are wild theories that Lexie may have done it, but the reality could be that Will is taking the fall for the real killer. Get out your crime scene notebooks soapers and share your theories in the comments section below.

More importantly, don’t miss Days of our Lives next week.


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