‘Days of our Lives': EJ Bails Will out but Mentions Conditions

On yesterday’s episode of Days of our Lives, EJ showed up at the DiMera estate and found the locks changed. Rafe was inside on assignment and refused to allow EJ access to the property because it was a crime scene. EJ tried to gain entry through the french doors in the back of the house and got in. He opened that secret panel, removed an envelope and managed a clean escape after having to duck out of sight momentarily. Were those the papers proving he wasn’t Stefano’s son in that envelope?

Elsewhere, an elated Jack filled Jennifer in on his publishing deal. Lexie told Abe she had to play a part in planning her father’s funeral. Lexie felt she was his only daughter and she had to do something. Roman read Will his rights and placed him under arrest for the murder of Stefano DiMera. Roman suggested Sami have Carrie represent him but Sami refused to bring Carrie into this. She and Lucas turn to Justin instead. No surprises there. Jennifer and Jack spend some time with Lexie.

Will gets a few moments alone with Sami and Lucas who want to help him. They claim they need a story they can believe. Will told them he fired the gun, but only to test it. He’s worried his parents don’t believe him. Abe shared some time alone in the square and Kayla joined him. He told Kayla he didn’t know how he could live without Lexie.

On today’s episode, Will learns someone has posted bail for him. A stunned Will noticed EJ entering the room. Roman and Officer Kent pay John and Marlena a visit. He tells them about Will’s arrest and a shocked John and Marlena protect him. Marlena tells Roman she’d stake her life on it that Will did not shoot Stefano. Roman wonders if she’s saying that because he’s her grandson or because she knows who really did shoot Stefano. Sami and Lucas talk at the pub and Lucas stresses that nobody can ever know it was Will and not him that shot EJ. Suddenly, they see Rafe standing almost in front of them and wonder how much he heard. Will thinks EJ is making amends. He wonders if he has his job back. EJ claims the gesture he just made has nothing to do with making amends. Will is free until the trial, but there are certain conditions. Take a look at this NBC video preview for today’s episode.

Also on today’s episode, A confident Rafe tells Sami he knows Will is innocent. Rafe thinks it would be a great idea if Sami asked Carrie to defend her son. A reluctant Sami doesn’t like Rafe’s suggestion. A stunned Roman learns that EJ bailed Will out and he doesn’t get it. Roman can’t see any reason for this move at all. He wonders if EJ owns Will for murdering Stefano. One thing is clear, EJ is continuing to blackmail Will in exchange for bailing him out.

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