‘Days of our Lives': Sami Confronts EJ and Rafe has Questions for Nicole

On today’s episode of Days of our Lives, Sami and Lucas discover Will is back working for EJ and they are not pleased. They point out that Will was almost prosecuted for Stefano’s murder but Will claims he wasn’t. Lucas informs him it could happen again down the road. A worried Sami claims any association with a DiMera is not good for Will. Will doesn’t get why his parents are so worried about all of this.

Nicole is having a bite at the Brady Pub when Rafe suddenly shows. He tells her he’s glad he found her. She wonders why. Rafe tells Nicole the two of them worked hard to prevent EJ from knowing the child she’s carrying is his. Nicole claims she grateful for all of his help. He wonders why she isn’t keeping him in the loop. He wants to know who switched the DNA tests. Nicole told Rafe she was trying to protect him. Rafe still has questions and while he appreciates Nicole’s attempt to keep him safe, he stresses if EJ finds out about this he’s going to come after him, Nicole and possibly even Daniel. Nicole tells Rafe now, EJ has no claim on this baby. EJ walks up behind them says, “at least not right now.

Sami is sure EJ is holding something over Will’s head. Will refuses to entertain her ideas. He tells Sami he can’t get out of working for EJ. Take a look at this NBC video preview for today’s episode.

Also, on today’s episode, Sami decides to confront EJ, despite the fact that Lucas has repeatedly told her they would handle this together. Later, EJ gives Will grief for running to his mother with his problems. Will has some questions for EJ. He wonders what he ever saw in his mother. EJ avoids answering the question. Does this guy still have feelings for Sami? In the meantime, Nicole volunteers to search EJ’s apartment when Rafe and Spencer can’t get a search warrant the legal way. Only on the soaps!

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