‘Days of our Lives': Stefano DiMera’s Murder is the Talk of the Town

On yesterday’s episode of Days of our Lives, Roman met Martine Kent, the officer assigned to work the Stefano DiMera murder case with him. Lexie read the morning paper with Abe at her side, and naturally, the news was all about the murder. Roman and Martine came to the door and Abe let them in. Roman wanted to speak with Abe alone, but Lexie insisted on being included. She discovered quickly that Abe was a suspect and his gun was the murder weapon. Abe told Roman he did threaten Stefano but he never shot him. He said he left the gun behind because of a twisted fantasy he had. He thought Stefano would use it on himself.

Roman left and Lexie told Abe she knew he didn’t kill her father. She reminded him that Theo is not only losing her, but he’s lost her father as well. A relieved Abe was glad he didn’t have to deal with Stefano. Lexie told her husband she couldn’t die while her family was holding on to so much anger. She also told him when Roman got to the bottom of this, she didn’t want to know who did it. Elsewhere, Ian told Kate he wouldn’t be able to help her if she didn’t tell him what happened when she went to see Stefano. Kate wondered if Ian was asking her if she killed Stefano. He was, but Roman and Martine showed up interrupting them.

Roman interrogated Kate and she admitted she was furious at Stefano. Kate told Roman she didn’t kill Stefano and she had no clue why her prints were on the murder weapon. She told Roman she was still desperately in love with Stefano. Ian was in the hallway listening. Ian returned to the room after Roman said he hated to see her so upset. As Roman left, Kate whispered she wasn’t the one who shot Stefano. Ian had almost heard too much and went back to questioning Kate about Stefano’s death.

Sami and EJ hung at her place and Sami wondered if Stefano was really dead. EJ confirmed that he identified the body and he was sure. Sami encouraged EJ to let go of the DiMera way of life and create a new legacy for the family name. Last stop for Roman and Martine was at Sami’s where they found EJ. Roman wondered why EJ wasn’t crying out for justice. Roman suspected EJ knew who the killer was.

On today’s episode, the murder of Stefano DiMera is the talk of the town. Sonny wonders how Chad is doing and Will claims he imagines he’s a mess. Roman digs around hoping to find a motive EJ might have. He finds that motive. Outside of the murder investigation, Nicole worries about the results of her paternity test. Take a look at this NBC video preview for today’s episode.

Also, on today’s episode, EJ learns Stefano left him nothing in his will. Later, EJ gets the word Rafe is the father of Nicole’s child. He pleads with her to give him another chance, but gets nowhere. Roman continues to interview his suspects. He wonders what Will was doing at Stefano’s. Daniel allowed Nicole to get away with switching those tests.

Don’t miss today’s episode of Days of our Lives and do share your thoughts on who murdered Stefano in the comments section below. Do you trust he’s really dead?

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