‘Days of our Lives': Stefano has Another Get Out of Jail Free Card!

On yesterday’s episode of Days of our Lives, Maggie struggled to get Victor to come clean with her about what he doesn’t want her to find out. He avoided answering and she took off. Later, he caught up with her and confessed his involvement in the stolen eggs fiasco. An outraged Maggie told Victor she couldn’t go home with him. Victor wondered if her reaction was based on something else and a speechless Maggie took off. Marlena tried to get Carrie to accept the fact she could be pregnant but Carrie continued to come up with excuses for her symptoms. They got the word at the safe house that Stefano was safely in jail and they were free to go. Carrie told Rafe she loves him but had to get to Austin to tell him the truth. A stunned Billie found Austin picking out houses big enough for him, Carrie and a family to live in. An excited Austin got word that Carrie can come home and he rushed to the square to find her. While the SPD celebrated the arrest of Stefano DiMera, their perp just seemed way too confident. Suddenly, a CIA Agent show up demanding DiMera be released.

On today’s episode, Lucas does dinner and prepares a slow cooked meal he describes as resembling Chernobyl at this point. Sami appreciates his efforts. He wonders how her alone time was. She tells Lucas she did a lot of soul-searching about what to say to Will but admits she wasn’t alone. Lucas already knew that and was grateful for her honesty. Marlena and Hope saunter through the square shocking countless Salem residents. Marlena states she feels like a Kardashian or something. She claims Stefano never, ever goes to jail but Hope reminds her that dreams do come true.

Carrie tries to talk to Austin but gets nowhere. He continues to interrupt her. The powers that be at the SPD argue with the CIA agent about releasing Stefano. Bo claims they got him for international arms trafficking and the case is solid. The CIA agent refuses to back down. Take a look at this NBC video preview for today’s episode.

That pesky CIA Agent gets his way and DiMera hits the streets once again. According to the agent, Stefano was working with them. The entire SPD is furious over Stefano’s ability to evade them once again. Lexie collapses in the middle of all the chaos at the police department and Abe is beside himself. Carrie experiences a sharp cramp while trying to make Austin listen to her and she doubles over in pain. She manages to convince Austin she just needs to eat. Later, while grabbing a pregnancy test at the drug store, she runs into Rafe. She manages to hide her personal purchase. Later, a stunned Carrie discovers she is pregnant and it’s Austin’s baby.

Keep on watching Days of our Lives and do share your thoughts on the ‘hot topic’ of your choice. Will Rafe ever find true love or raise his own child?

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