‘Days of our Lives': Will Is Arrested for the Murder of Stefano DiMera

Days of our Lives was preempted last Friday causing an interruption in one of Salem’s hottest murder mysteries. For information on Thursday’s episode, see this previous article.

On today’s episode, an elated Jack runs into Jennifer in the square. He is so excited, he’s out of breath. He shows her the letter he received from his publisher who has accepted his book for publication. Jack is having trouble digesting the news. He mentions an offer, an advance and a book tour. More importantly, he mentions having all this go public. He’s still seeing Marlena to deal with his post traumatic stress disorders and she was the one who talked him into presenting his manuscript to publishers. Jennifer tells him it was an honor to read his manuscript and she is too proud of him for words.

EJ shows up at the DiMera estate today and rips the crime scene tape from the front door. He tries his key, but apparently, the locks were changed and the key won’t operate. Suddenly, Rafe opens the door from the inside. A shocked EJ seems at a loss for words. Elsewhere, Lexie tells Abe she wants to be involved planning her father’s memorial. Abe thinks Chad and EJ will handle all that but Lexie stresses she’s her father’s only living daughter and she will be part of this.

Back at the Salem PD, Will is booked and charged with murder. A conflicted Roman has to play this one by the book. There is no other way. A rattled Lucas tells Roman Will is not a murderer and Roman claims he’s got no choice in this. His prints were on the gun and he tested positive for gun powder residue. A somber Will remains largely silent and a wigged out Sami is on a roll with her commentary. Take a look at this NBC video preview for today’s episode.

Also, on today’s episode, Roman wants Carrie to represent Will. EJ searches for that paper that proves he isn’t Stefano’s son and Rafe almost bags him. Jack and Jennifer spend some time with a grieving Lexie. In a stunning move, EJ posts Will’s bail. Will admits he shot that gun but insists it was only a test show. Will it be enough to get him off?

Don’t miss today’s episode of Days of our Lives and if you missed the NBC Weekly Preview, do take a look at it.


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