‘Days of our Lives': Will’s ‘Coming Out’ Goes Bust Thanks to Sami

On yesterday’s episode of Days of our Lives, Will decided to tell Sami and Lucas he is gay. It wasn’t the way Will wanted it to happen. He got caught up in a moment and simply blurted it out. Sami didn’t know how to react. In the end, she fled telling her son she just couldn’t deal with this now. Will was hurt by her reaction and by the fact she was unwilling to discuss it at all. While there was a shock factor for Lucas. he remained by Will’s side listening and hated the fact that Sami ran out on her son.

Ian drugged Brady’s smoothie just before that meeting with Serge about the merger between Basic Black and MadWorld. As a result, Brady blew the deal after showing up high. Sami runs into EJ who wonders what’s wrong with her. She blasted him for blackmailing Will and EJ apologized but admitted he’s grown fond of William. Sami mentions Will’s struggles and EJ wonders if he came out to her. This blew Sami’s mind as she wondered if Will told EJ. EJ told Sami, he simply knew Will was struggling with his sexuality. Sami wails about what a bad mother she is and EJ tells her this isn’t about her. He advised her to go to her son. Hope, Bo, Rafe and John met with Vladimir Nevsky and his thugs yesterday. The Russian arms dealer seems interested in striking a deal. Could this be their moment to put Stefano away?

On today’s episode, Lexie and Abe gather Celeste, Cameron, Melanie and Chad at the Brady Pub. Lexie tells them all she’s made a list of things she wants to do and places she wants to see. She’s always wanted to see Paris in the spring and today, she intends to do that. A delighted Celeste hugs her daughter. She tells her she will have an amazing time. Lexie knows that because she’s taking them all with her. EJ tells Sami she bailed on Will during one of the most vulnerable times in his life. He demands that she go home and apologize to her son. In the meantime, Will asks Lucas if he’s okay with him being gay. “Do you even have to ask that”? asks Lucas. Nevsky receives a text message informing him about who his perspective buyers really are his goons promptly draw their weapons. Can John, Hope, Bo and Rafe get out of this one? Take a look at this NBC video for today’s episode.

Also, on today’s episode, John, Hope, Rafe and Bo manage to overpower Nevsky and his thugs who are eventually arrested. Lucas tells Will he accepts him. EJ tells Sami to let her son know she loves him unconditionally. When Sami gets back to Will, she hears him praising his grandmother and Sami blows a gasket instead of reminding him she loves him no matter what. This time around, Will rushes off on Sami. Lucas blasts Sami demanding she make this right before she completely loses Will. Lexie finds out it’s too risky for her to travel, so her Paris travel companions decide to bring Paris to her. Celeste senses danger around Abigail and warns Cameron to watch his back.

Don’t miss today’s episode of Days of our Lives and share your thoughts in the comments section below. Ever wish you had a Celeste in your life or would that simply drive you nuts?


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