DC Starbucks Coffee Where 5-YO Finds Hidden Cam in Restroom

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A Wash. DC Starbucks Coffee shop is where a 5-year-old girl discovered a hidden camera in the store’s public restroom. The child’s parents filed a lawsuit against the Starbucks location, but the culprit has not been identified.

It’s the case of the mysterious “peeping Tom,” and if you are a “Starbuck junkie,” pay attention while sipping on your next tall Verona or Starbucks tea.

Imagine that you and your daughter walk in to a Starbucks franchise in Washington D.C., and you both use the public toilet in the family restroom.Starbucks Frappuccino

Nothing’s wrong with that, right? After all, your child has to go, and you decide to relieve yourself as well.

However, your 5-year-old tugs at your coat-tail and points to what looks like a hidden camera attached to a U-joint underneath a sink. Not only are you shocked, but when you discover the darn thing is on and filming, you go on tilt.

That’s the abridged form of what took place at the Starbucks Coffee location at the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue and 7th Street in DC.

You’ve heard incidents like this on television, but never thought it would happen to you. Surprise, you’re on candid camera, but not from the television show.

After William Yockey of Norfolk, Virginia, notified management at the popular coffee watering hole, he and his attorney filed a lawsuit afterwards, according to the Daily Mail.

The documents filed in a Washington DC. court included the obligatory “emotional upset” and “invasion of privacy.” And as you expected, Starbucks Coffee’s response was one of denial. Furthermore, it reaffirmed its policy of vigilance in the welfare and safety of its guests.

That defense will certainly not fly if the matter goes before a jury. But this is not the first and certainly won’t be the last time a privacy invasion takes place.

With new forms of technology being created almost daily, it’s difficult to guard against all incidents like this involving a hidden camera. It gets even more egregious when a child is involved.

While the case is interesting, the mystery of the person who planted the hidden camera is more intriguing.

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