DEA Forgets Student for 5 Days in Cell; Drank Urine to Survive

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The DEA put a San Diego college student in a holding cell for five days and forgot about him. Daniel Chong had no food, no bathroom facilities and he even drank his own urine because he was so thirsty.

Chong got picked up in a raid on a home where he was visiting and brought into the agency. The agents told him they were letting him go and one agent even offered him a ride home. That was the last he heard from anyone for five days after the agents informed him he’d been put in the cell just to await release, according to CBS News.

The college student said he could hear muffled voices and people coming and going and he would pound on the door and scream for attention but no one came. He even heard the cell next to him open and close but no one came to his aid despite his banging on the walls and screaming. Chong had no human contact for five days.

The ordeal had Chong doing whatever he could to survive and that included recycling his own urine to drink. Chong bit into his eye glasses and used a piece to carve “Sorry Mom” into his arm as he felt he was going to die in the 5 by 10 cell without a window.

When the DEA agent finally came to the door he gave Chong a cup of water and said “here’s the water you’ve been asking for,” reports Chong who said he was out pretty much out of it by that time.

Chong found some white powder accidentally left by one of the DEA agents and he’d eaten it. The white powder turned out as methamphetamine. Chong’s attorney intends to file a claim against the DEA for this horrific ordeal his client suffered through.

When Chong was found they took him to the hospital where he got treatment for cramps, dehydration and a perforated lung from ingesting the broken glass from his eyewear.

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