Dead Birds Falling from the Sky in South Dakota – Mystery Solved!

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The mystery of dead birds falling from the sky in South Dakota appears to be solved.  This makes one case of mass animal deaths a bit easier to understand, as many exist around the world.

The birds found in this recent incident were starlings (pictured left via Wikipedia).  A recent video report via shows the dead birds in the snow along a stretch of 2nd Street.  Animal control officers found hundreds of birds this past week, and there’s apparently a total of 300 birds which have have been discovered.  So what was the culprit here?

While there have been a slew of unsolved dead bird and fish mysteries across the globe, authorities in this particular region of South Dakota may have found the answer to their dead birds.  Officer Lisa Brasley of Yankton Animal Control notes that they “initially thought they didn’t migrate and they just got cold and froze to death.”

However, the US Department of Agriculture called Brasley to let her know what the real reason for the birds’ deaths was.  Apparently there were too many starlings in the nearby area, so they had to poison the birds to try to thin out the population.  According to, the poisoning took place about 10 miles south of Yankton, which is where the creepy site of all these fallen dead birds was discovered.

One would think that if the government is creating this sort of mess, they should be responsible for cleaning it up.  Instead, the Animal Control Department of Yankton had its hands full with the mess, picking up dead birds from around the streets and sidewalks.  Individuals working near the fallen birds were also disturbed by the sight.  For now though, at least one of the dead birds mysteries is solved, but is this the reason for other animal deaths around the globe?


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