Dead Fetus Found in Sewer: Privacy Lost

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A dead fetus was found in the sewer of a home in Philadelphia by plumbers who were fixing a clogged toilet. After they opened a pipe at a Kensington home and discovered the remains, they called 911. The police and investigators determined the fetus was at about 3-4 months gestation. Most miscarriages occur before the 12th week of gestation. Also, most miscarriages happen at home. It’s a very common occurrence, and the media attention seems invasive and unfair to the mother in this case. Ordinarily, of course, no one but the woman, her family, friends, and medical staff would know about the incident.

The owners of the home, a couple in their 60s, rent out at least one room and there is currently a “For Rent” sign outside. They have an adult daughter who they say wasn’t pregnant. The daughter wasn’t home when investigators were there. It seems unusual that the police have released so much information about the case given the personal nature. They have given out the block and street information which can easily identify the family.

Police are doing a full investigation to see if there was a crime committed. In his brilliance, the Chief Inspector of the Philadelphia Police said, “It may not be a crime scene. We’re still going to look into how developed the child was. But at this point it seems that someone may have had a miscarriage.” They plan on doing an autopsy on the dead fetus to see what caused the death. So, for the sake of privacy, why didn’t he wait to release this information, if at all? It’s likely the family, at least the mother, is already going through some grief over the loss. To have the entire nation looking at the story must be heart-wrenching. Surely judgment and questioning of the mother and the facts surrounding the probable miscarriage will follow.

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