Dead Man Found in LAX Restroom – Suicide or Homicide in Airport’s Terminal?

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A dead man was found in a LAX restroom Wednesday morning with his hands bound, and a bag covering his head.  The death in the Los Angeles International Airport, Terminal 3 is being investigated as a suicide, but the police are not ruling out the possibility of homicide from foul play.

Details of the LAX death

According to a report from the LA Times, of the dead man found in the restroom, airport police were summoned to the men’s room early Wednesday morning and discovered a grisly scene.  In a restroom in Terminal 3, detectives from the homicide division discovered an unresponsive man slumped over in a stall.  There, they found a dead man with his hands bound, and a bag covering his head.

The police did not release any information about the man found dead in the restroom at Lax, except that the death appeared to be a suicide.  However, the entire case file and investigation has been turned over to the Los Angeles County Coroner who will determine the true cause of death.

Airport killings are a rare occurrence

Although a man was found dead in a LAX restroom, police want to remind the public that there does not appear to be a cause to worry, in general.  In fact, authorities report that they cannot think of any cases in recent history that involved a murder/homicide that took place in the confines of a LAX airport terminal.

Airport authorities report that LAX is a safer operation, as measures have been put in place, post 9/11, to ensure that the 29 million travelers that travel annually, can do so in a safe environment.  They report that although a man was found dead in a terminal’s restroom, only one aggravated assault has been reported for the entire year.

The investigation involving the dead man found in a Terminal 3 restroom at LAX is ongoing.

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