‘Dead’ Woman Found Alive in Body Bag after Alabama Tornado

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Glynis Lawson, the “dead” woman found alive in a body bag after the Alabama tornado of 2011, told her story to the media one year later. Thanks to a series of surgeries and miracles, she is among the living, today.

The first anniversary of the 2011 Alabama tornado was mere days ago, and not surprisingly, the memories of that dreadful outbreak is still fresh on the minds of many tornado survivors.

Watch the video of Lawson’s story.

Lawson, the woman found alive in a body bag, after being presumed dead in the county morgue, told her story of survival, faith, and hope. It’s nothing less than a miracle.

While it reads like a page out of a paranormal novel, this story speaks to the power of miracles.

Dana Culpepper, a nursing director at the hospital where the tornado survivor was found, said that her hospital doubled as a morgue. As the body counts mounted in the wake of the Alabama tornado in DeKalb County, there was no room to house the dead.

During the chaos of tending to the injured and regular patients, she heard what she thought was a moan coming from the area the deceased were held.

“I wasn’t even gonna look. When we undid the body bag, we saw that she was alive,” she said. “Her nose was off, her ear was gone, and I don’t know how she was living,” she added, holding back tears.

“I’m glad they were there, you know, that night,” Lawson said of her ordeal.

Ironically, for the first time since 2004, no twisters touched down in Alabama, according to Alabama Live.

“We have been fortunate in the fact that it’s been a pretty quiet period,” said Chris Darden, meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Huntsville.

Glynis Lawson’s story is but one of many miracles that take place, daily, all across the nation. Whether it is firefighters risking their lives during the World Trade Center tragedy of September 11, Mayor Corey Booker saving the life of a fire victim, or a baby as the lone survivor in a horrific crash, it demonstrates how life does indeed hang in the balance.

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