‘Deadliest Catch’ ‘After the Catch’ Discussion Becomes Jake Harris Intervention

On Deadliest Catch at the end of the season, Captain Johnathan told Josh Harris that he cannot let his brother bring him down. If he wants to have his own boat, he should do that and then take care of his brother later. He also told Josh that he knows that Phil would be very proud of him. Josh did an awesome job on the Time Bandit this year and should be very proud of himself.

The cameras followed Josh Harris on a visit to his brother, Jake. Josh discussed their dream of fishing together once again and mentioned that it will cost a lot of money to get the Cornelia Marie up and running, or maybe he would rather get his own boat…sort of letting Jake off the hook. Jake said that with Josh’s help he would not want to do it without him and would really like to be sitting in the wheelhouse. Josh told him that he will only be running a straight boat…no drugs or alcohol.

Back at the table with Josh, Edgar, Sig, Jake Anderson and Mike Rowe sat Jake Harris in more like an intervention than a discussion. The look on Edgar’s face was enough to see how he was feeling. Josh admitted that by splitting up, they learned two styles of fishing that they were unfamiliar with on their father’s boat. Josh admitted that if they did not get the boat in the next few months; they will remain deckhands. Jake Anderson told Jake Harris that his brother has an opportunity to get their boat again but without his brother…because of his reputation. Jake Anderson told Jake Harris that he calls him on his slip ups because he loves him. Edgar chimed in that the only reason why he stayed on the Northwestern, is because they loved him and his brother primarily because of their love for their father, Phil Harris. Sig told Jake that he thought to himself; “What would Phil want for his son?” Edgar told him that he took him on the boat because he wanted to teach him how to fish or teach him how to live. He did not want to learn how to fish and as for the rest of it…which is why he lost all respect for Jake. Both Sig and Edgar admitted that be the end of the season Jake had stepped up and did his job. By season’s end, he started getting it. By then it was almost too late for the crew and especially for Edgar. Sig also mentioned that in life, you have to pick up your own pieces because nobody else will do it for you. Sig did remind Edgar that he also received a second chance. Jake Harris knew that of all people, Edgar was the hardest to please and told Edgar that he would give him a hug. Sig told Jake that he gave him a chance, and it is the best he can do; after given a chance, one must prove themself worthy of the chance.

Josh told his brother that he has made bad decisions in the past and has to step up and make the right ones now. Mike Rowe commended him for having the guts to come on After the Catch and the crew of Deadliest Catch are pulling for Jake to step up and do the right thing and be either a deckhand or co-owner along with his brother on Season 9 of Deadliest Catch. Fans want to see the brothers together again paying tribute to their father, the beloved Captain Phil Harris and to make him proud of his sons. Then Jake got his hug from Edgar.

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