‘Deadliest Catch’ ‘After the Catch VI’ Recap ‘Fisherman’s Code’ on Discovery

“After the Catch” lets viewers meet the captains and crew of Deadliest Catch. Having a few Coors with announcer, Mike Rowe in a lovely setting on land has become a welcome addition to the high seas that fans have been accustomed to seeing. Fans also get to tweet their thoughts during the show for all to see.

In Breckenridge, Colorado at Aspen Canyon Ranch in the Rocky Mountains while listening to the tunes of the band “Leftover Salmon,” the relaxed atmosphere gives fans a chance to see the real people behind their favorite show.

The Northwestern crew was faced with a critical situation when their slack tank that should be empty was full of water and easily could have sunk the boat. Watching Edgar and Jake Anderson go into the tank gave fans a view of the inside of a tank below deck and the different jobs and knowledge one must have to work on a crab boat.

For laughs, there was a segment of how tempers flare and emotions rule when things go wrong. How frustrations are alleviated on deck and below when friends do not agree or fishing is not what is expected; gloves can come off. Even between captains like Elliott and Junior, there can be bad blood. In a Western scene, there looked like a shootout from the days of yesteryear between Junior and Elliott. During the blue crab season, Elliott set his pots in Junior’s “territory” of the Bering Sea. This is an unwritten rule of the fisherman’s code and a total no-no. Junior called Elliott out on this because his pots got tangled with Elliott’s and caused problems for both boats. The rest of the captains gave their opinions of this and Andy told of instances where other boats cut ropes or shot the buoy bags of other boats so they lost their intrusive pots.

Kevin “Kado” Davis who worked for Elliott and now works for Junior appeared at the table. Kevin left Elliott because he was fed up with not catching crabs. Although Kevin is a good friend of Elliott’s, their relationship on the same boat has come to an end and he is very happy working for Junior.

Josh Harris joined the table and Mike Rowe described how much different he was from last year when he had a yelling match with the captain who replaced his father on the Cornelia Marie. Now he tells fans that he is doing his best to become a captain in time for 2012 king crab season which starts in October. Josh sounds so much like Phil and fans are hoping to see Josh captain a boat for the next season. No mention was made of the Cornelia Marie or any other named boat, so it will be a surprise. Elliott mentioned that insurance is a big expense in addition to other expenses to run a crab boat. There was no sign of his brother Jake, but Josh did say “we” when he spoke about fishing for king crab season.

Another fan favorite, Jake Anderson and Edgar Hansen joined the table with Mike and Sig. They spoke about Edgar leaving for a season and how Jake did a great job in his absence. Edgar does have a MacGyver way of fixing things and hopefully, Jake Anderson will fill his shoes soon. Sig boasted about Jake who would not blow his own horn, Sig knows Jake is great and so does Edgar.

They also showed how the ice affected the Time Bandit when their coiler was broken by Scotty Hillstrand trying to rid ice from the crane with explosives. Edgar told Andy that he could have fixed the coiler, because the same thing happened to their coiler; but not with explosives.

Mention was also made of the greenhorn problems encountered with Keith and a side of Lenny, the deckhand on the Wizard was shown, much to the surprise of seasoned fans. Mac White of the Seabrooke was also shown as one of the most pleasant deckhands on the show and a great way to end “After the Catch” on a high note.

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