‘Deadliest Catch’ Recap ‘Alien Abduction’ on Discovery Channel

Deadliest Catch is following both fleets during king crab season, the ones in the northern Bering Sea hunting for blue crab and the others in the southern part looking for the red king crab. On the Time Bandit, and the boats on the red crab grounds are doing well. In the northern Bering Sea, on the blue crab waters, it is a different story.

On the Wizard, they fired their greenhorn on the last episode and now are taking on a person Keith’s brother Monty deemed the best of the bunch interviewed during the summer.

The Ramblin’ Rose is still pounding away hunting for the blue king crab and the crew is getting tired. Elliott has his reputation and a big bet hanging over his head against his rival Junior on the Seabrooke. Suddenly, one of the two main engines refuses to engage. He calls for a deckhand to come up and drive the boat while he goes below to see what is wrong. A cable has snapped that drives the engine and fortunately, Elliott fixed it with a handy replacement cable. Now the crew is back on the rail grinding away.

On the Time Bandit, they have another thirty-six hours to go before his promise to quit smoking for his grandchildren goes into effect. The first pot of the new string is a beauty; chock full of crabs and the string keeps producing. Josh Harris has promised to quit too. After his father’s death, and the way Captain Phil smoked, it is an excellent choice. Hope they keep their promise.

On the Seabrooke, the waters are extra rough and the deck is a dangerous place. The crew is not happy with the situation, but Junior has 35 pots to put down. Finally they can take a break down below.

On the Northwestern, Sig is still on the crab. Choosing to stay in the red crab grounds was a good choice, until now. The numbers are nothing like they were on the last haul. Suddenly the crew stops fishing because they heard a noise; a rat has stowed away on the Northwestern. Sig stated that in Norway, it is good luck to find a rat aboard, and after their discovery, the fishing starts to get better. The rat is now safe aboard in a bucket and will be returned to land in Akutan.

The new greenhorn, Chris Scambler arrives in Dutch Harbor to join the Wizard. He has never been aboard a fishing boat and was surprised to see a bald eagle flying free in the harbor, he had never seen one other than in a zoo. Good luck! Captain Keith lets him know that as soon as he steps on the boat, he is stepping into Hell and not to expect anything better. He will be joining another greenhorn, Brady Quinn and as Lenny calls them Dumb & Dumber. First job: getting the Wizard ready for red crab fishing, so removing the blue crab pots and loading the larger red crab pots is the first lesson, but that happens at the dock; being on the Bering Sea is another story.

The Time Bandit is on the hunt for better fishing and finally a pot comes up full. It has been eight hours since both Johnathan and Josh have had a smoke. Twenty hours later, the crew is blowing smoke in Josh’s face while he is in charge of the bait and the crew bestowed a title on him of “Master Baiter of the Time Bandit.” While the captain is still smoke-free, Josh is spotted with a cigarette.

On the Wizard, greenhorn Chris experiences the full fury of the ocean and goes through the motions, but the skipper knows he probably feels like he has been abducted by aliens.

On the Seabrooke, they are hauling through the rough sea because the storm will not let up. As they pull up a string, it is a few good pots until one of the pistons is frozen on one engine, an impossible fix at sea. Now fishing must stop as they head into port to fix the problem…but they are far, far from home in the northern Bering Sea.

Day two for the greenhorns and Keith phones his brother Monty to ask him if it was a joke hiring Chris who seems to be in total shock. Now the red crabs are coming up in great numbers. Freddy barks orders at the new kids and Chris walks off deck and heads to the wheelhouse. Keith gives him a stiff talking to and sends him back on deck. He mentioned that his little girls will not want to see that their father is a quitter; that seemed to be all the incentive that Chris needed on the Deadliest Catch.

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