‘Deadliest Catch’ Recap ‘Behind the Scenes’

This final episode of “Deadliest Catch” for Season 8 is devoted to the guys and gals who film this series and the production crews that bring it to viewers. Each boat has two members of the crew, and they only have each other because the crews have their own jobs to do.

As the two-man crews are chosen, the groans and cheers are clear as to the boats they were assigned to along with a chase boat and a helicopter. As the crew prepares for the fleet launch, the producer is displaying the movements on the board like a football coach before the big game. As the launch transpires, the air, sea, and land crews are on the job as the newbies get adjusted to the rocking of the boats.

On the Northwestern, the cameraman gets to bite the head off a herring while Edgar gets the shot. On the Wizard, the cameraman was tossed across the deck and his elbow was torn up, and he became a victim of a rogue wave and was sewed up by his fellow cameraman as resident doctor Keith stood by making sure the job was done correctly.

The chase boat F/V Amatuli gets pictures of the crab pots coming over the rail, but close shots are important. The problem is that when too close, the boat can roll over the pot causing them to lose the pot which just happened on the Northwestern—costing them a $1,000 pot and unknown amount of crabs.

On the Wizard, when greenhorn Chris was taken ill, he offered to help, but Keith told him to stay with the camera and watch him as he could and offer any suggestions he could while the rest of the crew saw to Chris. Todd Stanley the chief cameraman on the Wizard wanted to put a camera on the helicopter to follow Chris, and it worked. Todd’s camera documented the journey all the way to the hospital enabling the story to be told.

The cameras followed the last hours of the king crab season when the Ramblin’ Rose and the Seabrooke were up near St. Matthew’s Island. The crew had lost faith in their captain, and the cameramen were losing faith as well. With low numbers and rough seas, the owner of the boat ordered Elliott to dock at St. Matthew’s Island.

While the freezing spray covered the lens of the cameras, blocking what good shots they could have had. The lack of sleep and patience affected, both captains, crews and cameramen as Todd was ejected from the wheelhouse by Keith. But on deck, Todd was in danger of being sent overboard by waves that covered the deck.

On the Ramblin’ Rose, the solution for crabby deckhands was to feed them snack size grilled cheese sandwiches by the cameraman who tried to gain their friendship and confidence… it worked.

Producer Thom Beers showed his extreme gratitude to all the crews who go over and above to bring the best of the best of “Deadliest Catch” to fans who love the show and have faithfully watched it for eight seasons and counting.

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