‘Deadliest Catch’ Recap ‘Best of Season 7’ Part 2: Opilio Season

Deadliest Catch Season 8 starts on April 10. As a prelude to the new season, Discovery Channel treated fans to a recap of Season 7, called “Best of Season 7,” and this is what happened in January during opilio season.

The weather picture for the next 24-48 hours predicts a tremendous storm and the captains and crew prepare themselves for a rough ride. As the seas start to stir, a crewman on the Time Bandit nearly gets killed by a runaway pot. The Wizard pulls its first pot of the season and it is loaded with crab, but the deck is rolling, putting the crew in jeopardy and Lenny got hit on the side of his head and thrown across the deck by the swinging pot. Captain Keith brings Lenny in and has to stitch up his bloody elbow, just like the wild frontier and keep an eye on him with the head injury.

Captain Sig is driving through the storm, but his brother is no longer aboard. Just as another wave hits, a hook breaks loose and hits Nick Mavar in the face breaking his nose. Only interested in getting his job done, Nick gets back to work as soon as the bleeding stops.

On the Wizard, the pots are coming up nearly empty and Captain Keith takes it out on a cameraman. As an afterthought Keith admits he lost his temper and needs to stay in control. A bit late for that, Keith!

The Seabrooke is not doing any better catching crab as the captain writhes on pain with a kidney stone, he passes it, he is back to work; no rest on the Bering Sea. Then finally the pots come up with crab.

On the Cornelia Marie, Tony Lara, a family friend came out of retirement to help the Harris boys salvage the season. Cornelia Marie has a much less tense crew with the new captain aboard.

On the Time Bandit, scenes of Mike Fourtner picking on Justin Tennison, the greenhorn was found dead from sleep apnea two days after the season and Fourtner admits he was a jackass to Justin, but that is how a fishing family is.

On the Northwestern, without Edgar, the crew survived and even thrived. Jake Anderson did a great job on the hydros as he stepped up. Oh, just before the season finally ended, the Northwestern got revenge on the Time Bandit with a barrage of fireworks directly at the boat. It was quickly reciprocated by the Time Bandit boys, who are always ready to prank their friends.

As the lights are turned out on the Cornelia Marie, the Harris brothers contemplate their future. Josh is the thinker who would rather wait and earn his stripes, while Jake is impetuous and wants it now. Season 8 will tell what will become of them all on the Deadliest Catch.

Photo of Wizard and Northwestern: Wikimedia

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