‘Deadliest Catch’ Recap ‘Fearless Leaders’ on Discovery Channel

“Deadliest Catch” is in the tail end of opilio season, the worst season for crab fishing where ice builds up on the decks and equipment. As the frozen sea begins to subside making navigation easier, boats make haste to avenge the three weeks lost when the ice attempted to take away their livelihood.

On the Northwestern, Sig and the rest of the crew is waiting for Jake Harris to make his mark or get off the boat; so far they are not sure he will return because of his poor performance.

On the Kodiak, Captain Wild Bill is looking forward to greenhorn Warren Hicks to pick up the slack because he sent Jason Rainwater packing after his poor attitude rubbed off on the rest of the crew. If he survives the crew hazing, he will be fine.

On the Ramblin’ Rose, Elliott is back after trying to patch things up with the mother of his two kids. Now he knows where he stands with her, but is he aware of how the crew feels about him? They are aware that he has problems at home, but they cannot understand why he takes it out on them. He left them all behind when he went home, and now they do not have faith in their skipper. Former deckhand Tim Lovins has rejoined the crew because one of their crew had enough of Elliott and quit.

On the Time Bandit, Johnathan is back again after rupturing his disks, and Captain Andy is happy to see him return but will not let him lift more than two pounds.

On the Wizard, Captain Keith held his ground and stayed out on the ice when most of the fleet stopped fishing. Now with a boatload of crab, they are heading in to offload… but now after hitting a large ice floe, they just lost power. As the crew struggles to hold on to a pot that is sinking, Lenny is in the engine room trying to restore power. Without power, they are adrift, fortunately Lenny hooks up the emergency generator. He found out the problem, a major oil leak. So now they must get to dock on the generator so it can be repaired.

On the Seabrooke, Captain Scott Campbell Jr. is wading through large chunks of ice as gingerly as a large vessel can go. Junior has a processor date he cannot miss and pots buried under the ice, a treacherous combination for a captain. The first pot comes up dirty because the pot was dragged through the mud from the ice moving the pots, some of the crabs are dead because the mud suffocated them. Horrible dilemma for the overworked crew.

On the Northwestern, Sig has the crew drop pots where he found crab before. As the crew starts setting, Jake Harris disappears for a nap leaving the crew one man short.

On the Ramblin’ Rose, Elliott decides to set in unfamiliar waters and comes down to talk to his crew. They let Elliott know how angry they are at him, and if he was trying to give them a pep talk… it did the opposite. On the Kodiak, Captain Wild Bill is only using sixty-five pots, half the usual numbers. He needs the new greenhorn to step up the pace, and with one experienced crewman missing, the greenhorn is failing. They stress to him how he must watch his feet or he could be pulled over the side of the boat. A slow learner, he nearly gets pulled over the side when throwing the shot and the diver bag. Quick thinking by Bill and the crew saved him from death.

On the Seabrooke, they are finally pulling full pots of keepers, but after working thirty-nine hours straight, the crew is like the walking dead, and they are out of sync and need some rest to get their groove back. Junior does not give them the rest they need as he now is micromanaging the crew from the wheelhouse via the loudspeaker.

So far, the two boats that kept fishing top the crab count in pounds; Wizard 1,500,000, Seabrooke 1,100,000, Northwestern 510,315, Time Bandit 377,125, Kodiak 315,200, and the Ramblin’ Rose 108,300.

The Ramblin’ Rose starts pulling pots with over four hundred, and soon the frowns are upside down on the crew and crabby captain. Then Elliott’s phone rings and he gets the news that his ex is seeking a restraining order against him. Elliott is near tears as the pots keep coming up full and walks away from the helm as he needs a bit of time away from the camera. As the crew is attempting to give him the crab count, he is nowhere to be seen. Now Elliott rethinks his situation and knows that family is more important to him than fishing on the “Deadliest Catch.”

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