‘Deadliest Catch’ Recap ‘Release the Beast’ on Discovery Channel

“Deadliest Catch” was in the tail end of opilio season, but the ice cap had other ideas. After closing down most fishing for a few weeks, the crews are hoping to make up for lost time, but the ice is not completely gone.

On the Time Bandit, Johnathan is back again after rupturing his disks, and Captain Andy is happy to see him return, but his feistiness is causing the two brothers to have opposite opinions about how to retrieve their pots that are still under the ice.

On the Northwestern, Sig is thrilled to find full pots of giant crabs awaiting them after the long soak, but now Sig gets a report that the ice is on its way back to give them more grief. Edgar has a feeling that the boat is not riding the way it should, and his suspicions are confirmed when he comes to the wheelhouse and talks to Sig. The problem is the tank that keeps the boat stable is filled and should be empty. By carrying 50 tons of excess water, they could sink in the middle of the Bering Sea. The pumps struggle to empty the slack tank, as Edgar tries to keep the boat steady in a rolling sea. One big wave and the boat could list and then capsize due to the weight of the water. Edgar and Jake Anderson go into the tank to fix the alarm that did not warn them of the water level. Edgar is a real MacGyver when it comes to fixing things on the boat. Sig recalls that their father had a boat called the F/V Foremost that sank because of a slack tank. The Northwestern has more than a few fatherly guardian angels watching over them; Sig and Edgar’s dad, and both Jake Anderson and Jake Harris have lost their fathers recently.

On the Ramblin’ Rose, Elliott is back and on the crab, but his woes at home are weighing heavy on his mind, and he is facing a year-long restraining order with a nearing court date. Just as the crew is finally elated, they have to stack the pots without resetting them and head to port.

On the Wizard, Monty is at the helm and wants to set gear, but Keith comes back and waits to talk to his crew before dropping pots. They are aware of the impending ice so they set the pots one on top of the other to make it easier to find them after a short soak.

On the Kodiak, Captain Wild Bill finds full pots where he left them, but does not drop them back because of the oncoming icepack. Bill is thrilled that his son Zack is working the hydros and doing a good job. He has had his problems with Zack in the past and glad to see him step up. But before long, Bill is telling Zack that he runs the hydros like a girl and start bantering at each other with a smile on their face.

In Dutch Harbor, Elliott is listening to the testimony of his ex-girlfriend, and the judge grants her the one-year restraining order. He is allowed to have visitation with his kids, but must stay away from her. Back to sea and hoping they have the same luck they had before.

With the crab count rising, the Wizard and Seabrooke are very close with over a million pounds each with the Northwestern just under a million. The Kodiak, Time Bandit and Ramblin’ Rose have lots of catching up to do.

On the Wizard, against Monty’s wishes, Keith set the pots where he wanted and not listen to his brother. Now they must fight the ice to find their pots, or they could be lost for good. Out of a hundred, they retrieved all but eight pots when they gave up.

On the Ramblin’ Rose, Elliott gets the news that the ice is on its way and decides to go back to Dutch as his crew is steaming mad at the way they had to deal with Elliott’s problems and lack of decent wages because of his poor choices, but that is how life goes on the “Deadliest Catch.”

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