‘Deadliest Catch’ Recap ‘Revelations’ Part 2

This Deadliest Catch crew continued to talk about marriage. Andy said that 99 percent of the fishermen he knows are divorced. Junior said he was divorced twice and remarried once. Wild Bill said he was divorced more than twice and did not reveal the number. Junior said that they were divorced now and probably going to remarry again. But they are at a different place in their lives now. Sig said it is almost like taking your fishing ethics and apply them on land. Sig is so much in love with his wife, it was truly an honor to hear him speak from his heart and his wife must be honored to hear his words. Junior also stated that he is in love with his wife and she loves him too.

Josh Harris spoke about his brother Jake Harris and showed flashbacks of the fun times with Phil and how they broke his chops. Phil was such an inspiration to his two sons, but somewhere something went wrong with Jake who was in rehab when Phil died. Josh feels that the only thing on a crab boat is to progress to the wheelhouse, that is his only goal. As Josh progressed, Jake digressed. Josh said that he is getting the chance to run a crab boat and will not let Jake stop him. This is his devout goal and refuses to wait for his brother to make a decision. He said that he partied for a time, but once he set his goal, there was no stopping him.

As for the burden carried by captains, Andy said everything he does affects multiple people and lives. Bill said when a guy is hired to work on his boat, he expects the captain to make him some money. Keith said that his burden is to see that the guys make enough money to make it through the off-season. Losing a crew member is the worst thing that ever happened to Junior. Whenever his crew is working that thought is always in his head. Josh’s burden is to see that his brother makes it through his life.

The secrets that the fishermen have is something most do not want to reveal. Junior said his secret is that he always considers himself a failure. Jake Anderson revealed that his father was using pharmaceutical drugs and went to make a deal with an unknown person and it killed him. His secret was that he and his sister tried to get an intervention for his dad the day before he turned up missing. He was a good man with thirty years of community service that diminished in just two years from his addiction.

Speaking of their fathers, Andy and Johnathan said they were brought up in a Christian household. Their father was John Wayne, the hero to them. Keith said his father is the smartest man he knew. Edgar said his father had the Midas touch. Bill’s father told him he would always be a follower; his way of using reverse psychology. Junior’s father told him that he would never be a man unless he stood by his word. Each person spoke of a dad to be proud of, one to emulate, and one greater than themselves. When they showed the burial-at-sea of Phil’s ashes, it was a moment fans will never forget. Phil was the fan’s dad too, that superhero figure the audience learned to love and admire, the no-guts-no-glory kind of person to aspire to be.

The legacy is what they leave behind, what others think about them when they are gone. Sig wants to leave a work ethic and a feeling of pride and humility and have respect for what he had done for them. Bill has three kids and Zack is his only one who has come around and he hopes the other two do soon. Edgar said that they get emails from parents with kids who have cancer and just love the show; this is a legacy, to be admired by people who love them because they love what they do.

Fear was dying alone out on the ocean seems to be the top fear of most captains. Bill wants to have harmony with his kids. Keith fears hurting or losing someone at sea. Josh has no fear because he has already lost the most important thing in his life.

Edgar spoke about his addiction and that he only got to know himself in the last two years. He called home and asked his wife to come get him and he admitted he needed help.

Josh said that Phil told him that he was better than being a crabber, but he wanted to follow in the old man’s footsteps. As for television, Edgar said he would probably be home if it were not for the cameras. They all agree that being a celebrity is surprising to them. Jake Anderson sees revelations as the beginning of a new life. The primary revelation is that they love what they do and do what they love.

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