‘Deadliest Catch’ Recap ‘The Bitter, Bloody End’ on Discovery – Part 1

This Deadliest Catch is the season finale, the ones that fans agree is the one they do not look forward to. Saying goodbye to the captains and crews of the crab boats is a sad goodbye and they will keep wondering what will happen next season.

As the ice continues to wreak havoc on the fleet, they are at the end of their patience, strength and will.

On the Kodiak, deck boss Mike Van Der Velt slammed his finger between the launcher and a crab pot when he slipped on the icy deck taking the top of his finger off. The most experienced deckhand on the boat, and now they will have to do without Mike.

On the Time Bandit, Captain Andy has his work cut out for him, with Johnathan back in the wheelhouse to help keep watch. Deckhand Eddie Uwekoolani will be retiring after this season and is passing the torch to his son Eddie Jr. He will be sorely missed and before he leaves, he gives his son as many tips as he can. Josh Harris knows what it is like to be taught by a loving father. Pulling up on their string, Andy sees a full pot come over the rail and hopes for the rest of the string are good. In one split second, a giant wave came to roll the deck, and Josh Harris could not hold on to the sorting table slamming the table on Eddie’s elbow. Fortunately, he was just bruised, but in one second, a tragedy can happen on any boat.

On the Wizard, they are offloading at Dutch Harbor and ready to bid Captain Keith farewell and let his brother Monty take over for the last trip. Keith seems to be sad to leave his beloved boat. Monty is having his problems fighting the ice and the tide because the engine is overheating forcing the boat back to the dock. Monty found out that the problem was the suction vent was clogged and had the crew try to unclog the vent. Quick thinking and a good crew alleviated the problem and they were on their way again.

On the Ramblin’ Rose, Elliott is ready to shove off again, but the crew is not happy with the earlier performance on the boat and Dale faces off with Elliott and winds up walking off the deck.

On the Seabrooke, Junior is grinding his crew to finish filling the boat. The crabs are not cooperating, neither is the weather and Junior keeps on grinding the cold and hungry crew.

On the Northwestern, as the crew readies to haul in their pots, one deckhand is asleep; Jake Harris again. The pots are coming up over the rail and Jake goes to the wheelhouse to ask Sig if he can drive the boat. Sig tells him to check with Edgar who tells him that he has to earn the right to drive. Jake Anderson tells Jake Harris like a brother that he has to start pulling his weight because right now…he has no boat of his own. Jake needs a dose of reality and Jake Anderson gave it to him straight if he wants to be a captain on the Deadliest Catch.

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