‘Deadliest Catch’ Season 7 ‘Birds, Bones and Blood’

Discovery Channel’s adventure-packed series “Deadliest Catch” crew is still dealing with the ferocious storm. On the Wizard, former Cornelia Marie crewman, Freddie Maugatai shocks his fellow deckhands when he grabs a large codfish and drinks its blood and rubs the blood all over his face for a good luck ritual that seems to be working for them.

On the Northwestern, a 30-foot wave crashes over the forward wheelhouse as Captain Sig screams for the crew to get down so they do not get tossed overboard. They are forced to drop back their pots because keeping them on deck will give them extra weight that is not a good thing when the seas are so rough. Suddenly, Nick Mavar is hit in the face with the picking hook that was jarred loose by a wave. The force of the hook broke Nick’s nose in two. Sig calls to a hospital and describes the injury, as long as Nick can breathe through his nose and the bleeding stops, he will not need any medical attention, but he will carry this reminder for the rest of his life.

The Time Bandit is trying to pull into port to ride out the storm when they snap their anchor line and are forced to ride out the storm without an anchor. Fortunately, they have a buoy attached to the anchor and can try to find it when the storm subsides. Finally they get into port to offload their first catch and find a dentist for Eddie Jr. who needs two teeth extracted.

The Ramblin’ Rose is finally seaworthy and heading off to sea to start their season way behind the rest of the fleet. As the crew goes on top of the stack, they find dozens of dead birds atop the stack. Captain Elliot describes how the seabirds are attracted by the ship’s lights and flies into the mast and the crane. The crew has to throw the birds overboard to get the stack ready for their catch.

Freddie’s ritual pays off and the Wizard hauls in pots of 500 crabs or more. Captain Elliot on the Ramblin’ Rose has gambled all his pots in a small area to try to make up for a late start but their first pots are coming up blank, could the dead birds be an omen?

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