‘Deadliest Catch’ Season 8 ‘Inside the Catch: Best Brawls’

Deadliest Catch devotees have been watching brawls from the beginning of Season 1. Rule #1 the captain is always right. Rule #2 the captain is always right; break either rule and you are asking for a fight.

One instance was on the Time Bandit when Captain Andy gave an order that was ignored and his brother, Captain Johnathan came on deck and lost his temper and was ready to fire Mike Fourtner because he could not keep his mouth shut; therefore breaking the first and second rules.

On the Wizard, nobody gets away with anything against Captain Keith. He is about the most caustic of the captains. He has given grief to every greenhorn, cameraman, and just about anyone who crosses his path.

Jake and Josh Harris always had brawls. When they were kids, Phil bought them boxing gloves and let them beat the crap out of each other. During the last days of Phil’s life, they were at each other’s throat. Jake was fighting addiction and Josh became the man of the family.

Captain Keith and his brother Monty have been in several brawls that Keith always wins because he is the captain. He even disowned Monty and told him that the privilege of being his brother was over. Some privilege!

Sig and Edgar Hansen have had their share of battles that started early in life. Sig is in charge of the wheelhouse; Edgar is in charge of the deck. They may battle, but they do have mutual respect for each other.

Wild Bill is one crusty captain whose temper is renown in Alaska. He has taken the worst rowdy crewmen and made them respect him. His crew has been known to beat up nearly everyone in town during their drunken escapades, then had to face the wrath of Wild Bill.

One of the worst brawls was when five captains met prior to the start of a season when Johnathan and Keith had a fight and Johnathan pushed Keith who called him a sucker puncher. Johnathan told Keith not to call his boat unless he was sinking. His brother Andy, Captain Phil Harris and Sig Hansen witnessed the event.

Before Jake Anderson earned his stripes, Edgar Hansen rode him for his entire greenhorn season, and then last opie season when Edgar quit, Jake took his place without much effort. But it is hard to have any privacy on a crab boat and the no-punching rule usually holds true on the Northwestern. It has been broken by Matt Bradley, who lunged at Jake Anderson’s throat. Jake pushed him down so he did not punch back, but it became a fist fight. When called into the wheel house, Sig reprimanded them and they went back to work smiling.

The rule of the captains on the Time Bandit says, “Live, Laugh, Love, then Shut Up and Fish.” That’s how it goes on Deadliest Catch and those were just a few of the “Best Brawls.”

Photo of Northwestern: Wikimedia

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