‘Deadliest Catch’ Season 8 Recap ‘Turf War’

“Deadliest Catch” finds the crews in two different areas of the Bering Sea; some up north for blue crabs, and some where they always have been, hunting for red crabs.

On the Seabrooke, they pull their first pots, and they are big and blue, and Captain Scott “Junior” Campbell has them reset the pots. He wants immortality as a blue crab hunter with no other boats in sight. Then he gets a call from another rookie captain, Elliott Neese of the Ramblin’ Rose, who is also up north hunting for blues. Elliott makes a bet for 100,000 pounds. The first boat to reach that elusive number pays the other captain $1,000.

The Ramblin’ Rose pulls their first pot, and it is only six blue crabs. As the next pots come up, there are lesser and lesser. Maybe Elliott should not bet until he pulls his first set. Now the weather is changing again, as it does consistently on the northern Bering Sea. A big wave come and knocked Tim Lovins off his feet and he hit his head. Elliott puts a call in to Wizard captain Keith who responds, then to Junior, who does not reply.

The Time Bandit is again at the slime banks, where they have had luck in the past. Josh Harris is now aboard replacing a fallen deckhand, Justin Tennison, who died of sleep apnea right after the opilio season ended. But when they pull their first pots, they are empty; the slime banks have let them down.

On the Northwestern, Sig is not having much luck in the red crab grounds, either. As they head for greener pastures, Edgar is not having much luck sleeping. He comes to the wheel house to talk to Sig about his future that is undecided. The second set is pulled and is better than the first, loads of red king crab. Just then Edgar spots a hydraulic leak and they must stop fishing to fix the leak. Unfortunately, they may have to go to town to replace the pipe; if they do not fix it, there could be a catastrophe if the pipe breaks and leaks hydraulic fluid that could kill the crab. Edgar found a patch kit onboard and fixed the leak. Fishing resumed and the pots were full and the entire boat is happy to have Edgar back.

On the blue crab grounds, Junior on the Seabrooke spotted his rival Elliott Neese and the Ramblin’ Rose invading their crab grounds. This breaches another fishing rule and has caused bad blood between many boats. Now Junior’s pots are coming up thin and they know why. He gets on the radio and warns Elliott to stay away, but Elliott continues setting his pots alongside Junior’s and has not seen a for sale sign for property on the Bering Sea. Now by pissing off another captain, Elliott could truly find out why it is called “Deadliest Catch.”

Photo of Cornelia Marie: Wikimedia

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