‘Deadliest Catch’ Season 8 Recap ‘Weak Links’

“Deadliest Catch” is following both fleets, the ones in the northern Bering Sea hunting for blue crab and the others in the southern part looking for the red king crab. The Ramblin’ Rose is in the midst of a swell that rocks the boat for all its worth, possibly payback for stacking their pots next to the ones of the Seabrooke. Elliott is disgusted with his crew and leaves the wheel house to come down and straighten out the crew.

On the Wizard, it is the same old story, greenhorn Danny is on Keith’s list of those who do nothing right and the crew has no sympathy either because the crab count is lame. Danny is in serious pain and the rest of the crew is hurting too, but he is the only one complaining. Keith calls him up to the wheelhouse…to be continued.

On the Time Bandit, in the red crab grounds, Johnathan is looking for a final resting place for his deckhand Justin’s ashes. They finally hit the mother lode and the crabs are abundant for eight straight hours of full pots. Now they will send their friend into the sea he loved with a prayer and a righteous salute from their guns and the Time Bandit Jolly Roger.

On the Kodiak, in the red crab grounds, Captain Bill is still looking for crabs and the picking is not so good and neither is new deckhand Jason Rainwater who throws the crab in the hole without measuring and they are subject to fines if the crabs are too small or female. It looks like he is just having a breakdown, but it is no excuse for shoddy work. Captain Bill is worried that bad attitudes will infect the entire crew. So Bill sends him to the rail and the pots come up full. It’s amazing how long faces change when the pots are full.

Since being tracked by the Ramblin’ Rose, the Seabrooke has not been pulling good numbers and now Whipper’s hand got smashed by the block. But now they are short-handed and need help. Whipper got 12 hours off while he iced his hand and took ibuprofen for his injury. Now he is back to work, no sick days on a crab boat on the “Deadliest Catch.”

Photo of Northwestern: Wikimedia

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