‘Deadly Departed Tours’ Added The Beverly Hilton Hotel to their Schedule

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‘Deadly Departed Tours’ is pretty much what the name implies. It is a tour bus outfit that takes visitors to the death sites where Hollywood celebs died. Yes, they are making money off of death. So far only one company has started touring the Beverly Hilton Hotel where Whitney Houston died last Saturday. You can bet your bottom dollar that others will be following shortly.

People will spend money for anything and it’s not much of a shock that this bus tour now includes the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles. The hotel’s name is already well-known so it’s hard to imagine that they need any publicity.

The owner of ‘Deadly Departed Tours’, Scott Michaels, said, “To some people, there’s just no defending it…. But we’re not jumping on any bandwagon. This is what we do.”

The tour takes 2.5 hours and they bill it as an escorted journey through death, murder and scandal in Los Angeles. The bus is referred to as a ‘Dearly Departed Tomb Buggy'; it sounds a little on the creepy side. If there is a market for it, then why not. Obviously people are paying for their 2.5 hours of gloom and doom or the ‘Dearly Departed Tours’ would be out of business.

The ‘Deadly Departed Tours’ doesn’t really stop at the hotel; a tour guide will only mention the name of Whitney Houston. If you are expecting a full stop and tour of the hotel you’re in for a surprise.

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