Deadly Spider in Bananas from Wisconsin Wal-Mart

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A Wisconsin woman picked up a bunch of bananas from Wal-Mart, and she brought home an uninvited guest. There was a deadly spider in the bunch of yellow fruit that Sheila Terry brought home. Most people just want to sit down and have a nice snack or compliment to their cereal.

Deadly Spider in Bananas From Wisconsin WalMartSheila’s husband Dan Terry found the deadly spider. He said that the arachnid was lurking among the stems of the fruit. He quickly killed the 3-inch-long spider, and then became worried that it could’ve been dangerous.

The couple took to the Internet to search for a possible match, and they were afraid it could have been a Brazilian Wandering spider. A spider expert looked at the specimen, and said it could be a Giant Crab Spider from the tropics.

Wal-Mart released a statement that said:

We are investigating this thoroughly, working with investigators and looking at other products on our store shelves. At this point, we believe the complaint is isolated and there is no danger to our other customers.

What a scare that must have been! Thank goodness this spider didn’t end up hurting anybody. Now Wal-Mart is checking to make sure there are no more dangerous spiders lurking in their produce, so hopefully nobody will get an unexpected spider bite.

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