Deadly Superbug in California Hospitals

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Southern California hospitals are battling a deadly superbug, carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae (CRKP). A study by LA County Department of Health, health care facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes have been the hardest hit.

Only one antibiotic is effective against the superbug, but colistin is not always successful in the treatment and can cause kidney damage. People with CRKP tend to be older, have multiple health issues and have a catheter of respirator, leading to assumptions that foreign objects carrying bacteria may be the culprit.

The threat of CRKP is particularly serious because of its resistance to antibiotics and its death rate, which previous outbreaks have shown to be as high as 35%.

CNN reports that hospitals have seen a decline in infection by enforcing hand washing rules, and removing catheters and ventilators as soon as possible.

One would assume that hand washing would be second nature, especially to hospital employees, to prevent spread of disease, but apparently not. Technology and science just can’t improve on  Mom’s good advice. Wash your hands, and help prevent the spread of a deadly superbug.

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