Deaf Lipreader Decodes What Kate and William Said

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Everyone who watched the Royal wedding is champing at the bit to know what everyone said at the wedding. Deaf lipreader to the rescue!

Tina Lannin was born deaf. She is also a professional lipreader employed by O’Malley Communications. When asked what exactly went on with the royals, Lannin didn’t fall short.

Harry, whose off-the-cuff comment to William upon seeing Kate drew speculation. Did he make a tawdry joke? Did he say something inappropriate? What did he say to make William react? The reality seems a bit less naughty.

At 5:12 of the YouTube video, when Kate approached the alter, Harry turned around, looked at Kate, and said,”Right. She is here now.” He chuckled nervously, and although William did not turn around, he reacted visibly.

All those theories and speculation that Harry said something cheesy? At some point, you have to give the rakish young rogue a little credit for having restraint. After all, this was his older brother’s wedding.

What other little tidbits did Lannin decode? After Kate arrived at the alter, her father, Michael Middleton remained. William leaned over and said jokingly, “We’re supposed to have just a small family affair.” Both men shared a good chuckle, which seemed to ease the tension. Prior to that, he told Kate she looked beautiful.

Queen Elizabeth, William’s grandmother seemed pleased. She apparently said, “That was excellent.” Outside, after Kate and William had gotten in the carriage, she opined, “I wanted them to take the smaller carriage.”

Inside the carriage, the conversation between the newlyweds went something like this:

William: “I don’t think you should bow quite yet. I think you should just bow your head, okay?”

Kate Middleton: “Okay.”

William: “I hope I remember … It’s mad, it’s mad! Oh my goodness it … really loudly here (unclear) these people are clapping.”

Ms. Lannin’s ability to read speech has given the wedding a bit more depth and insight into the private conversations of the Royals on this magnificent day. While being deaf can create problems and challenges for the deaf in many life circumstances, it also creates opportunities where there may be none before, such as Ms. Lannin’s position as a forensic speech reader for CCTV in Great Britain, and in videos where there is no sound.

royal wedding portrait william kate Prince William and Kate Middleton Official Wedding Photos: Buckingham Palace Wedding Portraits

William and Kate

One of the official Royal Wedding photos released by Clarence House.

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