Dealing with a poem~in humidity


Philosophy of sky in nature’s arms

clouds hovering, roaring

witnessing various charms.

expressions of uncertainty

thousands of dew dancing madly

a sage in mode of eternity.

without oxygen,humidity utters

wiping off the brittle drops

a poet searching his rinsed letters.


Elsie’s prompt: 

Please write a poem or short story using humidity as your prompt in your post. A poem can be any length and try to keep your stories to around 500 words.

Please post your submissions by next Monday night, September 12 at 12 AM and tag it with TWE, post it to Gather Writing Essentials and Tuesday Writing Essentials.

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I believe in creating happiness through my positive energies. I dislike to find it in all the wrong places.In the end the only things that matter is who you help and who you hurt.

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