Dean Koontz and Trixie: Puppy Love

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Novelist Dean Koontz appeared on CBS Sunday Morning this morning to explain why his beloved dog Trixie made such a remarkable impact on his life, and his writing.

Fans of Koontz are well aware of his love for his dearly departed golden retriever, Trixie, who has graced the back page photo of many of his novels. Trixie passed away in 2007, but her legacy lives on.Koontz’ website even has an entire section on Trixie. Of her, he says:

“Trixie was an angel on earth, shorn of her wings and given fur as a disguise, with mysterious eyes, with the heart of a lion and the temperament of a lamb.”

He has written a memoir of Trixie’s extraordinary existence, “A Little Big Life.” Dean Koontz didn’t stop there, as he also has penned a series of children’s books about her, the first being “I, Trixie, Who is Dog.” The kids books are soon to be made into a family friendly film.

On CBS Sunday Morning, Koontz expounded on his love for Trixie, and the impact she had on his and wife Gerda’s lives. Trixie came to them from Canine Companions, as a 3 year old, who had been a service dog for a woman who had lost her legs. A hip injury took her out of service, and the Koontz’ adopted her. He said he was not prepared for the eye opening impact this golden retriever would have on his life. He fully believes the spirit of Trixie lives on with them, and he does her memory an honor by writing about amimal rights, and donating to animal causes.

He said that at one time, he and Trixie were lying on the hallway floor at home, and he said to her “I know what you are. You’re an angel.”. Trixie raised her head, and looked at him in an odd way, then ran the length of the hall and wouldn’t come back to him. She would only come to him after he stated that he would never say that again.

Since Trixie’s death he has donated millions to Canine Companions.

Dean Koontz, who is the sixth highest paid author in the world, and known for his thrillers and supernatural stories, truly believes there is a connection between pets and the higher powers.

Do you think there is a connection between God and your pet?

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