Deanna Ballman: Why Wasn’t Doc Charged Earlier?

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Deanna Ballman update: Doctor Ali Salim was indicted on at least nine charges related to the death of the pregnant woman, but this is seven months after the incident. Why did it take so long for the wheels of justice to turn for the pregnant Ohio woman? The doc was the target of scrutiny since the week her body was discovered, and even here on Gather News the speculation pointed directly at foul play.

Ali Salim has been charged with two counts each of tampering with evidence and murder — of both Deanna Ballman and her unborn child. He is also charged with rape, corruption, abuse of a corpse and other related crimes. It’s reported that Salim allegedly drugged, raped and killed Deanna before putting her body in the backseat of her car where she was later found.

Here it is seven months after all of that, and he is only just now being indicted on these charges. Hell, it was only recently that officials even acknowledged that they were going to arrest the man. This was all done publicly giving him ample opportunity to get out of dodge — though he did not, fortunately.

Hopefully, in the end, there is justice for Deanna’s family. They not only lost her, but her brother was shot fatally just weeks ago, adding further tragedy to their lives. The arrest and indictment of Doctor Ali Salim is perhaps the only silver lining that’s resulted from the past seven months of hell.

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