Deanna Stires Meth Binge Ended in Murder

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It looks like the death of Deanna Stires was in fact related to her lifestyle as a drug user. In fact, the man who confessed to killing the 18-year-old girl told police that he and his wife went on a several-days-long meth binge with the slain girl. Byron Lee Boutin has been charged with second degree murder after giving a lengthy confession of what happened to Deanna.

Boutin claims that not only were they doing crystal meth, but he says that Stires may have been on morphine as well. He says that things took a bad turn when the 18-year-old girl reportedly stole some of his dope. He then said that he ended up pistol whipping her when she started “freaking out.”

Deanna Stires was dead some time later, and was then stuffed into a trunk where her body remained for a few days before she was discarded in the wooded area in which she was later discovered. It’s been well over a month since then, and it’s fortunate that someone has answered to her death. Hopefully Boutin wants to face the justice deserving of this crime.

One thing that should be spoken for in this case and that’s the level of attention in the media that was given to her lifestyle. It seemed as though there were readers who did not want to pay even a hair of attention to the fact that this young lady had quite the record with drugs and theft, and those who did pay attention to that aspect were treated as though they were “blaming the victim.” When it’s all been said and done it does look like her lifestyle of heavy, dangerous drug use led to her demise and that is absolutely unfortunate.

This young lady didn’t deserve what happened to her whether or not she was a teenage user of crystal meth. Nonetheless, her story should serve as a reminder to young people who might want to dabble in the use of this very dangerous drug. It should also serve as a lesson on who you associate with. Dangerous people and drugs do not mix and unfortunately a life was lost to learn that lesson.


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