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Dear Mom. Pretty bowl. And the fish was delicious.

Dear Mimi. That wasn’t for eating.

Dear Mom. Beg pardon.

Dear Mimi. Pardon granted. Don’t do it again.


Dear Mom. The fish in the fridge was truly delicious.

Dear Mimi. That was our dinner.

Dear Mom. Yes. I ate it.

Dear Mimi. Ours. Not yours.


Dear Mom. My whiskers say that fish on the barbeque smells good.

Dear Mimi. Not for you. Plastic fish, catnip-flavored, by your food.

Dear Mom. You can take that and smoke it if you want. So kind to barbeque.

Dear Mimi. Bad cat.

Dear Mom. Miaow.


Written for Wednesday Writing Essentials December 30th, due next year.

  • Use the phrase: Take that and smoke it.
  • Write in the form of Epistolary novel, which tells the story in the form of letters written by one character or many.
  • Make your reader respond to your story out loud.  So if you are writing humor, then make it funny enough to evoke laughter.  If you are writing suspense, make us gasp.
  • Include the words: fish, pardon, and whisker.
  • tag with wwe

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