Death of Opie on ‘Sons of Anarchy': Who gets killed off next becoming actor concern

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Cast members of hit television show “Sons of Anarchy” are allegedly scared to death that their characters might be killed off next. Since Opie bought the farm in the prison fight scene, which character will be the next to die is anybody’s guess.

Sons, an ongoing series about a motorcycle club and gang politics, features actress Katey Sagal and actor Ron Pearlman. Will they be the next victims of the show’s writers—those fine fellows who elected to give well-liked actor Ryan Hurst the axe this season?

When it comes to television series actors’ longevity on any program, there are seldom any guarantees that America’s favorite thespians will continue to have guaranteed employment. If the ratings on the show are high, people play the main characters can often expect a multi-series run of their character. Conversely, when and if ratings plummet, stars of the show often expect that being fired from the show might be imminent.

Ryan Hurst by Gage SkidmoreBut what happens when you have a wildly popular TV series and everyone loves your character? Does that mean that if you are an actor that your job on set will continue in perpetuity?

Not if you play one of the leading characters on Sons of Anarchy, apparently. Well liked actor Ryan Hurst just got the proverbial motorcycle boot from the show during season 5, episode 4.

Its creator, Kurt Sutter, says, “Unfortunately, it’s gotten to a point now if I call the guys into a meeting in my office, they just assume they’re being killed, no matter what it’s for…”

Sutter claimed killing Hurst’s character off was necessary for plot development. Despite the shock of the brutal death simulation, Hollywood insiders involved with the filming were taken a bit aback that the production team would write Ryan Hurst off the series.

Hurst, the 6-foot 4-inch tall actor known for playing brutish characters on the TV screen, seems to be okay with his character’s demise, said Sutter. However, the shocking plot twist that got him killed off FX’s Sons of Anarchy seemed in many ways so unnecessary, but his costars are all concerned that the next career killer, life-ending scene will be theirs.

To find out who will be getting fired from the program next (for better or for worse in their performance), watch the show on FX Tuesdays at 10 pm EST.

There is no official word out yet about Hurst’s next acting projects or whether or not Sagal or Pearlman might be next.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

Do you think the show’s creators and writers did the right thing by killing off Opie? Let other readers and the “Sons” production staff know your thoughts about the graphic episode in the comments section below.

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