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Written by: Olafemi

As I sit here waiting for my head to stop pounding with pain, I wanted to just contemplate on death. I wanted to know what it was that all of mankind was destined for.

I wanted to drift back into my education of its beginning. I thought of what a bad punishment it is. I thought of being disobedient to a point where I would bring death upon someone. What could be the mindset of such a person, to bring this down on the lives of not only the disobedient but the generations of those thereafter?

I was always taught not to lean on my own understanding. So I wondered! I thought of those who are mankind and how none of us wants to experience death. Even though we know that death is our final calling, we will fight it until it arrives. We will do anything in order to avoid it. I go back to what was said to have been the first murder of mankind. That murder by Cain upon his brother Abel. After brutally attacking his brother to death, Cain feared the death to be placed upon him by others.

Then I thought about those who decide to commit murder or those who will fight battles that will come to a decision of taking a person’s life. We don’t want to die but we can make a decision based upon the actions of others to take life from someone else.

I know that when death was placed upon mankind, a warning was given as a direction. The warning was not to take the knowledge of good and evil or death will surely come upon you. As this warning still holds TRUTH today, the advice from the warning was, you will not surely die but you will be granted the power of the gods. That power is to be able to take life from one who lives.

Some might say that killing is not a power but everybody can’t kill. It takes a strong mindset to be able to kill. Even to take our very own life needs a very high quality of strength. When life is not yours to take or give, it is very hard to be able to take it away.

We all have been sick at one time or another. In this sickness we pray that relief comes from it, so that we can live on another day. But what about those last days. If given a predicted amount of time to live before death arrives, can we say that we will wait on death or can we say that we will do everything in our powers to allow death to pass?

Every day we are given limitations on our lives. We are told that certain things will shorten our lives. We are told that certain foods will shorten our life spans. We know that the way we use guns, knives or just plain weapons or tools we can take the life of others as well as ourselves. Yet some of us still use these limitations in ways that death will come upon us or somebody else.

I have been told that GOD was the one who brought death upon mankind. But I will say that that is not so. GOD gave mankind a warning but mankind brought death upon himself. The death of mankind had been premeditated and carried out just like a murderer plots out the death of his victim.

Think of all the planning that had to be done to persuade one who has everything, to want to die. Crack kills! Heroin kills! Alcohol kills! Smoking cigarettes kills! Running in front of an automobile kills! If you live by the sword, you will die by the sword. Yet no matter what the warning we are given we continue to do these deadly things and more. As if we are not afraid to die.

So as I thought about Adam and Eve and their warnings, I also thought about why they disobeyed and why death was also punishable to all of mankind. Knowing all, GOD knew that as HIS first creations would commit suicide, the generations there after would do the same things. Once started there was no stopping it.

Just as the planning on taking the lives of Adam and Eve was successful, the deaths of all of mankind were so too planned thoroughly. It is not our nature to be evil or wicked; we have to be persuaded that being that way pays off. If we bring death upon someone, we will get to live a longer life or we will not surely die if we take the life of someone else.

It is said that our death, will bring on a new life. But in order to have this life we must live a certain way. There are some who will not come to believe this. As a matter of fact the majority of us don’t believe. It is said that this new life will not be lived with the pains, sorrows and tears of the world we live on today. If we believed then why are we so afraid to die? We should want to die. But we still are cowards to death only because we were not meant to die in the first place.

You see when GOD created us; HE created us to live for an eternity. We were not created to get sick or not be healed by any misfortunes. Our bodies are a chemical healing machine. But because we are disobedient still, we punish ourselves continually. We just can’t do right. We got to live according to the laws of he who has planned our self destruction. We have only one antidote, one cure, one sustaining force and that is we must learn how to LOVE each other.


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